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Zeroesque / Tim Lehner

Tim Lehner - Keyboards / Production

Okay, here's the usual stuff: I started playing in November of '86 but I got my first keyboard before that - go figure. I remember being curious about what sounds a synthesizer could make and blah blah, so I suppose the attraction to keys was natural. Actually, to go back before that, when I was around three years old, I would collect a load of pots, pans and cans and beat the snot out of them with "Lincoln Logs" while my father cranked the drum solo of Iron Butterfly's "Inna Godda Da Vida."

Had enough? Me too. Here's the part of the stereotypical musician's bio that everybody leaves out: the truth. I'm a self-serving, manipulative a**hole that's hell-bent on realizing his musician's pipe-dream (you know what that means) that's been in-grained through two decades of media bombardment, distortion and over-glorification of grim reality. Add to that the unfortunate fact that I'm hardly alone in this dis-illusionment.

At this point it might be wise to stop pissing people off and discuss more pertinent matters at hand, such as our music and how and why it got here. Well, I dig progressive rock and fusion, so that's what I write. Singers piss me off (they piss everyone off), so we don't have one. We'll probably have to change that in the future to satiate our ill-founded notions of how to live the aforementioned pipe-dream, however. Until then, we live to create some excellent music that people will hopefully like because we need attention. Oh, and Shawn's an a**hole, too. You'd probably think he's a bigger a**hole than me if you met us both, but remember that I'm manipulative.

Okay, I got off-track for the last time. Hmm... my musical influences will seem strange at best after you hear our tunes, but here are several: I dug Def Leppard first, and then Billy Joel when I wanted to quit playing after a year (he kept the dream alive, man!). I listen to Toto, Boston, George Michael, the jazz greats, '80s shit, Toni Braxton, Seal and some Dream Theater, Derek Sherinian and ELP but nothing much else past '91. I haven't memorized the catalogs of all the original "prog" bands (you know who I mean) like my musician friends, so if you ask me about them and I nod my head, I'm lying. I really don't know that amazing riff from that ground-breaking album by those prog-gods that you're talking about. Did I get off the subject again? I'll just stop now.

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